During my morning scroll on Instagram I came across a post with an article about a Wedding Photographer deleting their wedding photos (in front of couple) because she was denied food. I laughed so hard and just thought to myself, "WOW, whoever this photographer is, is my Hero!" Working as a Wedding Photographer myself, I have experienced this time and time again for the past decade. It's not with every wedding or wedding venue but its the majority.

As days went by, the post with the article circulated more and more; it was being shared across all Social Media platforms and right into my inbox. Again, laughing hysterically with people who were also intrigued by the article. I'm like "YES! This happens guys!" We, the photographers are some times treated like slaves during wedding days; we're on go for at least 8 hours with no real breaks. It's like when you just had a baby and you have to nap when the the baby naps.

After a few days of memes being created, large publications and blogs finally caught wind and shared the story to their huge platform; this story had gone viral. The story was still being sent to me, being I am a photographer, so I decided to go live. I wanted to give my professional opinion about the story and share some key details that people may have missed (those who didn't read the article) and it was a great hour of sharing information of my experiences.

Let's go live!

I related to this article that was posted and found the slightest humor in it although I would personally never delete the photographs! I've done a few things in my career but never something so drastic that I can't take back or fix with an apology. However, extreme times does cause for extreme measures and to her defense, she was hangry!

“I was told I cannot stop to eat because I need to be a photographer. In fact, they didn’t save me a spot at any table,” she said.

Fun Fact: The Images can be retrieved from the SD card if they were deleted. Although you run a chance of some files being corrupted or irretrievable if the camera is formatted or formatted/deleted then you take another photo and write over it. It gets pretty technical but its possible.

"When she asked for food they said, either you're the Photographer or you're not!"

At the 58:00 minute mark, the Breakfast Club chimes in about the viral story and asks callers to call to share their opinion.

The Breakfast Club weighs in on Photographer deleting wedding photos.