Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Photography pricing differs from photographer to photographer. Usually rates are presented in one of three ways:

  • Pre-set collections
  • A la carte offerings
  • A combination of both

As a professional photographer with almost ten years of experience, I have had a lot of time to see what works best in terms of package and price presentation. Some clients love the idea of pre-set collections, where popular hourly coverage lengths are bundled together with albums. Some prefer the idea of a do-it-yourself pricing structure, where you can choose from an a la carte list to create your own customized collections.

We have pre-set collections with our most popular offerings all together in individual packages. We also have hourly a la carte coverage options, and many additional items on our list of add-ons. Wedding clients can either chose from an existing collection or create their own. This truly makes our pricing flexible, customizable, and a fit for everyone’s needs. If you’d like to receive our current wedding photography rates, just contact us right now and we will send the price list immediately!

Wedding Photography Packages

We offer several wedding photography packages. Each comes with the following:

  • A password-protected online image gallery for easy downloading of digital files, as well as ordering of reprints
  • Your collection of hand-edited digital files

What makes each collection different is the following:

  • Each collection has a different number of hours of photography coverage (7,8,9, etc.).
  • Each collection has a different size album, with different numbers of pages
  • Some collections include a second photographer

Online Image Gallery

The online image gallery is how you receive your digital files. It’s a private, password-protected online image gallery that cannot be accessed without the aforementioned password. Once your images are ready for viewing, it is delivered to you via email. Once you receive your gallery you can use it to reorder prints, download your high-resolution digital files, share your images with family and friends, and keep your images backed up for the future.

Hand-Edited Digital Files

Your hand-edited digital files are delivered in this online gallery. Since many photographers handle their digital files differently, allow me to explain my process! After your wedding, all of your images are downloaded and meticulously backed up.

We then lightly cull through the images, removing all true outtakes (eyes closed, head turned, etc.). Then we have each image edited one at a time, by hand. We truly go the extra mile to make sure that your digital files are a wonderfully finished final product.

A la carte wedding photography pricing

I absolutely understand that packages are not for everyone! What if you’re looking for a different amount of hours, a different seize of album, and a few different add-ons than what are included in the packages?

I firmly believe that you should not have to include anything you don’t want in your wedding photography collection. For that reason, I have an a la carte list of hourly coverage options. Each hourly coverage option also comes with”

  • An assistant to help with the light shooting, organization of the day, and logistics
  • A password-protected online image gallery for easy downloading of digital files, as well as ordering of reprints
  • Your collection of hand-edited digital files delivered within six weeks of your wedding date

What makes the a la carte option different from the collections is that anything you’d like added onto the hourly option of your choosing is, well, up to you! You can stick with just hourly coverage, adding nothing else. You can add an album, parent albums, an engagement session, rehearsal dinner coverage, and more. You can truly customize any pair of items to create a collection that is your and yours alone.

Wedding Albums

We have albums of all sizes, starting at 8×10 and going upwards in numbers of pages and size of the actual physical book.

Wedding Albums

We have albums of all sizes, starting at 8×10 and going upwards in numbers of pages and size of the actual physical book.

Engagement Sessions

I completely understand that some wedding clients want to have engagement photos taken, and some do not! For this reason, adding on an engagement session to your wedding photography is completely up to you!

If you do want to take engagement photos, I am happy to help you choose a location that’s meaningful to you. I have a list of spots for engagement sessions in the tri-county area.

If you want to have your engagement pictures taken somewhere else, just let me know and let’s talk!

Wedding photography add-ons

I also have a long list of add-ons for you to include with a collection or a la carte hourly options. Some have been mentioned already, but they include:

  • Overtime by the hour
  • A second photographer
  • Engagement Sessions
  • Rehearsal dinner coverage
  • Parent albums
  • Additional albums
  • …and more!

What makes you different from other photographers?

I know that when you’re on the hunt for a wedding photographer, there are many artists to choose from. It can sometimes be difficult to truly differentiate what makes one photographer “better” than another. Some of it is technical skill. Some of it is individual photographer’s artistic eye. Some might be the package offerings that they have.

What makes me different from other wedding photographers?

  • ·      I’ve been in business form almost ten years.
  • ·      I’ve shot over one hundred weddings.
  • ·      I’m highly trained in all technical aspects of wedding photography. I can create beautiful images for you in the rain, in the snow, in the dark, when a timeline complete falls apart, when things run late, when its high noon in August, on the beach, in the city, and so forth.
  • ·      I’m valued by my photography peers.
  • ·      I’m extremely experienced in all aspects of the wedding day: I can help craft a timeline, pin a flower on a jacket, answer any questions that you have about your wedding day, help you chose vendors, and lend my decade of experiences to you.

Why aren’t specific prices listed here?

That’s an excellent question, and I understand the desire to obtain pricing information quickly and easily. Many things factor into the prices of the collections. For example, if your wedding requires travel far out of state, there will be a travel fee associated with the price list. If you’re having an intimate wedding, an off-season wedding, a multi-day wedding, or an elopement, there might be changes there as well. I want to make sure that you receive the right information for your wedding!

Please contact the studio with any questions you have about pricing – I promise that we will get back to you ASAP and immediately send you a fully detailed price list, links to galleries, and more!

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